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Improve every part of your onsite event management with Amanda Events with fully-branded, self check-in kiosks powered by facial recognition technology.

For small events or meetups with fewer than 50 attendees.
Facial recognition check-in
Multiple event support
Attendee import
Kiosk and name badge designer
Intant name badge printing
Limited email branding
Limited remote support
Limited to 50 attendee credits only
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For business meetings, conferences, trade shows, and live events.
Facial recognition check-in
Multiple event support
Attendee import
Kiosk and name badge designer
Instant name badge printing
Fully branded photo request emails
24/7 remote support
Attendee credits based on your needs
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Features included in all plans

We wanted you to get as much value as possible from Amanda Events so we've made sure to include all of these features as soon as you sign up!

Check-in analytics dashboard
QR code check-in
Email address check-in
Toggle email autocomplete
Edit guest information
Easy device management
Fully customizable kiosk design
Custom name badge content
Badge reprinting

Additional features for custom plans

Here's a few more of the extras you can choose from for your upcoming events. Our team is here to support you with everything you need for your event planning journey.

Exhibitor app for conferences and trade shows

Amanda Leads - available on iOS and Android - allows exhibitors to use their smartphone to seamlessly capture leads using QR code and facial recognition.

Onsite support specialist

If you want added ease of mind, our event specialists can support the deployment of Amanda Events check-in at your event.

Additional platform integrations

Amanda Events integrates with multiple third-party ticketing platforms. If the platform you're using isn't one of the ones we currently integrate with, we can build that integrations - just get in touch!

Anything else?

If you have any other features in mind, reach out to our team and we can explore how we can best help you and your team!

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

To get started with Amanda Events, all you need is an iPad to run the check-in process and access to a web browser to manage your event.

If you'd like to print name badges, you must also have a supported name badge printer and badges. Detailed information on hardware requirements can be found on our complete FAQ page.

How does pricing work for custom plans?

Our custom plan pricing is mainly dependent on the number of attendees you expect at your event (or multiple events). That being said, we understand that every event is different! That's why we want to speak with you directly and better understand your needs - for additional customization, onsite support, hardware needs, and everything in between.

How should I use facial recognition at my event?

Facial recognition check-in should always be optional for attendees. Communication provided to attendees about facial recognition should be clear and easy-to-understand - Amanda Events includes email templates to help you get started as soon as you sign up.

How do attendees opt-in to facial recognition check-in?

Before the event, attendees receive email communication about the availability of facial recognition check-in at your event and a unique link to opt-in.

Using that link, an attendee accesses the Amanda Events micro-site where they can easily upload a photo of their face from their computer or phone, webcam, or Linkedin profile picture.

Featured Clients

Results that speak for themselves

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"Amanda Events was a seamless and simple solution to our onsite check-in process. It was remarkably fast and intuitive for the user. This system is fantastic."
Jay Martin
CEO | Cambridge House
"At every single one of 50+ conferences we’ve held around the world, the check-in process has been a major pain point. That all changed when we worked with Amanda AI at our event CrossOver: AI."
Marc Andrew
CEO & Co-Founder | CityAge
"People were very happy with how fast they were able to check-in to Traction Conference – getting recognized with facial recognition, reviewing their name badge information, and getting their name badge printed on the spot. Everyone was extremely impressed! "
Alana Paton
Marketing & Events Manager | Launch Academy
"By using Amanda AI’s facial recognition to sign in, our guests have an immersive, tech-focused experience from the moment they walk through the door."
Shelly Bardai
Innovation & Technology, Senior Manager | KPMG
"Amanda AI not only allowed us to check-in our attendees faster than traditional solutions, but it also enhanced the guest experience by showcasing the latest in facial recognition technology. The process was flawless and our guests were blown away."
Joann Chatterton, CMP
Associate | e=mc2 events
"Amanda Events solved every major nuisance attached to our previous event check-in system by increasing speed and significantly enhancing the attendee experience. A big win-win for all."
Meltem Algan
Director of Operations | Cambridge House
"Event check-in is usually a nightmare. Amanda AI not only made it easy for us and the attendees but also looked so sharp!"
Victoria Ellis Hayes
Senior Associate | Red Cloud