1. The Basics

What is Amanda Events?

Amanda Events empowers your event with the most innovative facial recognition technology available - allowing you to create exceptional attendee experiences and to streamline your event planning and execution. Amanda Events is your onsite event companion.

How does it work? Amanda Events for Organizers.

1) Integrate. You can easily integrate Amanda with your event's third-party ticketing system to synchronize attendee information.

2) Customize.
You can create a fully-branded check-in experience by:
   - User Interface: Design the check-in user interface (UI) using our web tool
   - Name badge: Design the name badge size, layout, and content
   - Check-in flow: Personalize the check-in experience based on your desired check-in flow with simple toggles

3) Communicate.
You can send email communication to your attendees to opt-in for facial recognition using one of our handy templates and any additional custom content (if facial recognition is enabled for your event).

4) Deploy.
You can easily set up Amanda Events the day of the event or request the support of one of our on-site specialists.

How does it work? Amanda Events for attendees.

Before the event, an attendee can upload their photo through a unique Amanda link sent directly to their email.

At the check-in kiosk,
Amanda uses facial recognition to identify an attendee’s face from a photo from the registration list. If an attendee did not provide a photo, Amanda can identify them through their email or QR code.

Once an attendee is identified, Amanda displays the event badge, allows the attendee to make last-minute changes, then instantly prints the name badge.

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2. Hardware & Name Badges

What type of hardware do I need?

To get started with Amanda Events, all you need is an iPad! If you'd like to print name badges, you must also have a supported name badge printer and badges.

Supported iPads:
Amanda Events supports iPad models that are 5th Generation or later. Not sure which iPad you have? Check out this article from Apple.

Supported printers:
Amanda Events supports printers that allow you to have maximum quality, reliability, and flexibility with your event badging. Amanda Events connects to printers over Wi-Fi using AirPrint technology. We recommend Brother QL1100NWB, Brother WL820NWB, Zebra ZD620, Zebra ZD500.

Need to rent or buy devices?
Contact our team and we can connect you with our network of vendor partners across Canada and the U.S.

What type of badges does Amanda Events support?

We don't shy away from a challenge! Name badges printed through Amanda Events are designed to be as flexible as possible - only limited by the capabilities of the on-site printer. We've printed on paper stock, plastic stock, stickers, wristbands, and more.

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3. Facial Recognition

How should I use facial recognition at my event?

Facial recognition should always be optional for attendees and require attendee opt-in. Communication provided to attendees about facial recognition should be clear and easy-to-understand. Right now, the best way to enhance the attendee and conference experience is to use facial recognition at event check-in. This allows you to streamline the check-in process and set a powerful first impression for your event.

How do attendees opt-in to facial recognition check-in?

Prior to the event, attendees receive email communication about the availability of facial recognition check-in at your event and a unique link to opt-in.

Using that link, an attendee goes to the Amanda Events micro-site where they can easily upload a photo of their face from their computer or phone, webcam, or Linkedin profile picture.

How is the facial recognition data used and managed?

When an attendee uploads their photo, it's processed using Amanda AI's facial recognition technology then the photo is immediately discarded. We use data from the photo to identify the attendee when they check-in using the self-serve kiosks at the event. Attendee facial recognition data is deleted after the event. For more information, please read our privacy policy or contact our team.

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