About us

We envision a world where facial recognition technology is Amanda - which means "loved by everyone."

Our story

On a mission to create responsible, user-centric AI solutions

Since day one, our team has come together with a shared vision of the future - a future where facial recognition technology is widely adopted, managed, and used by the end users.

Our team, friends, and family were attending countless conferences and live shows. You could easily buy your ticket online and engage with other attendees through a mobile app. However, when you arrived at most events, you’d have to wait in long line ups to pick up your badge - it felt like being herded into the venue.

This experience was broken and we wanted to fix it.

We created Amanda Events to set the foundation for responsible, user-centric facial recognition technology - with a goal to bring our solution to millions of people.

Our values

Our values drive us to help people experience the world


Start with trust.

We build products that people love by starting with a strong foundation of trust and transparency.


Always move forward.

We continuously ideate, test, build, and improve - making sure that every day counts.


Dare to excel.

We push ourselves to be the best at delivering solutions that solve big problems for many.

Our team

Hi, We're Amanda

Our team is energetic, multi-talented, and creative - we also love karaoke!

We are passionate about delivering carefully-crafted digital solutions that allow people to seamlessly interact with the physical world.

Why do we love what we do? It’s simple really, the “wow”s and smiles of thousands of people interacting with our products every day. 

Amer Abu-Khajil


Vinson Li


Hao Luo

Full-Stack Engineer

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