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Meet Amanda, an innovative solution for onsite event check-in powered by facial recognition technology.

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Amanda is trusted by world-class businesses.

Amanda Events

Seamless facial recognition event check-in

Check in attendees, print name badges, and “wow” everyone with a personalized experience from the moment they set foot in your event.

Lightening-fast check-in means happier attendees, no line ups, and fewer staff needed to support check-in.

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Amanda AI

Responsible, user-centric technology

We were looking for fast, secure, and flexible facial recognition technology - nothing fit the bill. So we developed our own facial recognition models from scratch that achieve world-class accuracy.

In that process, we made sure that users have more control, more choice, and more flexibility than ever before.

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"Amanda Events was a seamless and simple solution to our onsite check-in process. It was remarkably fast and intuitive for the user. This system is fantastic."
Jay Martin
Cambridge House International

Results that speak for themselves

We've worked with our clients to seamlessly check-in tens of thousands of attendees. Here's what some of them have to say about Amanda.

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"People were very happy with how fast they were able to check-in to Traction Conference – getting recognized with facial recognition, reviewing their name badge information, and getting their name badge printed on the spot. Everyone was extremely impressed! "
Alana Paton
Marketing & Events Manager | Launch Academy
"At every single one of 50+ conferences we’ve held around the world, the check-in process has been a major pain point. That all changed when we worked with Amanda AI at our event CrossOver: AI."
Marc Andrew
CEO & Co-Founder | CityAge
"By using Amanda AI’s facial recognition to sign in, our guests have an immersive, tech-focused experience from the moment they walk through the door."
Shelly Bardai
Innovation & Technology, Senior Manager | KPMG
"Amanda AI not only allowed us to check-in our attendees faster than traditional solutions, but it also enhanced the guest experience by showcasing the latest in facial recognition technology. The process was flawless and our guests were blown away."
Joann Chatterton, CMP
Associate | e=mc2 events
"Amanda Events solved every major nuisance attached to our previous event check-in system by increasing speed and significantly enhancing the attendee experience. A big win-win for all."
Meltem Algan
Director of Operations | Cambridge House
"Event check-in is usually a nightmare. Amanda AI not only made it easy for us and the attendees but also looked so sharp!"
Victoria Ellis Hayes
Senior Associate | Red Cloud

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